Jokes may make women drivers worse

A study by psychologists on both sides of the Atlantic has found that jokes about women being bad drivers, could make women be bad drivers.

While the jokes may have a negative impact on a woman's driving skills, praising her ability and boosting her confidence will make her a better driver, they said.

The discovery came when researchers from the University of Warwick and the University of Georgia in the US studied 500 students performing spatial tasks, which were chosen because they were thought to favour men.

Women fared less well than men when the female groups monitored their confidence levels, but when left alone they performed just as well as the men.

A further test saw some of the participants praised throughout their task, while others were ignored. The women who were praised then went on to perform even better in the next text. In fact some of the women did as well as the men, even though the test was designed to be more suitable for males.

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