Johnson slammed over cyclist deaths

Johnson slammed over cyclist deaths

Boris Johnson has been accused of showing a lack of sympathy for victims after five cyclists died in the last nine days.

Venera Minakhmetova, 24, from Bethnal Green was named by police on Thursday as one of the victims, as former transport secretary Lord (Andrew) Adonis called for an independent review of the cycling "superhighways" in London.

British Cycling called for an "urgent investigation" into the deaths, while charity CTC said all cyclists were "sickened by the continuing failure to protect cyclists".

However, the gaff-prone mayor told radio station LBC 97.3 that "there's no question of blame or finger-pointing. That doesn't work in these circumstances."

"But unless people obey the laws of the road and people actively take account of the signals that we put in, there's no amount of traffic engineering that we invest in that is going to save people's lives," he added.

Former Green Party mayoral candidate Baroness Jenny Jones tweeted: "Grrr. How dare Mayor of London blame cycling victims?! So it's not his buses nor his smoothing-traffic-flow policy, nor his poor schemes?"

"CTC and all cyclists are sickened by the continuing failure to protect cyclists, in particular from the dangers caused by lorries in our towns and cities," CTC chief executive Gordon Seabright said.

"We want to see the mayor of London and all those responsible for the safety of our streets living up to their promises."

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