Johnson calls for fuel stabiliser

London Mayor Boris Johnson has said the Government should "think seriously" about putting a fuel duty stabiliser in place to protect motorists from soaring pump costs.

Business leaders and motorists have also called on theGovernment to introduce the stabiliser.

Such a move would ensure that fuel duty is pegged to the price of oil, offering a steady price for drivers.

Mr Johnson wrote in The Daily Telegraph: "The price clobbers small businesses and makes life very tough for people in rural areas who don't have access to good public transport...

"Petrol is cheaper in virtually every other European country than it is in Britain, and whatever the reason for the recent spikes, we cannot get around the fact that the spikes are jabbing the consumer all the more painfully because the Treasury takes about 60% of your fuel bill in excise."

"If I were the Government, I would think seriously about that fuel duty stabiliser, because when it costs more to fill your tank than to fly to Rome, something is seriously wrong."

Last week, Prime Minister David Cameron reiterated his support for the idea, but Treasury chief secretary Danny Alexander did not seem to be optimistic.

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