John Lennon’s iconic Rolls-Royce dusted off after 30 years

The iconic Rolls-Royce Phantom V used by John Lennon and the rest of the Beatles at the height of their fame has been given its first public outings in more than 30 years.

Lennon’s white Rolls was left to languish in storage for around three decades after it was sold by the singer to the band’s publisher, Allen Klein.

But the car was inherited by Klein’s son, who has given it a full restoration and taken it out on the road for a string of motor show appearances.

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These include at the annual rally of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club, where the Rolls was reunited with the man who first sold it to Lennon in the 1960s.

Steve Easton, a trainee salesman with Golden Wheels Garages in Chelsea at the time, sold the car to Lennon for £6,000.

Originally coloured black and green, Easton charged another £6,000 for the car to be given a makeover by a London coachbuilder.

This saw the car sprayed white and refurnished inside in a matching colour.

Three months later, and one of the most legendary cars of the 1960s had been created, going on to be featured in several photographs of Lennon and the rest of the Fab Four.

In later years, Lennon’s bandmates became regulars at the luxury showroom, with Ringo Starr buying a Mercedes 600 Pullman for Ringo Starr.

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Easton also sold a Mini Cooper S and a Facel Vega to Starr, along with a Ferrari 330 to Lennon.

Earlier this year, a 1956 Austin Princess limousine once owned by John Lennon was sold at auction with a guide price of quarter of a million pounds.

The car still featured five aeroplane seats that were added by the star and it is believed to have been used in the making of a film to publicise Lennon's Imagine album which features Yoko Ono in the vehicle.

A rare Rolls-Royce Phantom V once owned by the Queen Mother was also recently sold at auction with an estimate of between £60,000 and £100,000.

Lennon’s Phantom was reportedly sold to Klein for around £50,000 in around 1969.

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