JLS fans furious over traffic chaos

Fans of JLS and Olly Murs have lashed out at concert organisers after missing out most of the pop stars' performance in Hampshire because of traffic jams.

Massive congestion ahead of the show at Matterley Bowl, near Winchester, at the weekend meant many concert-goers took hours to reach the outdoor venue.

Drivers also faced long delays after the event with some having to wait for hours before they could get out of the car park.

Bad weather was blamed for some of the disruption, but Hampshire Police said they had not received reports of any road incidents that could have worsened the congestion.

Angry motorists blamed organisers for the massive delays. One of the concert-goers, Suzanne Close, from Dorset, said her party took five and a half hours to get to the venue 40 miles away.

They caught only the last hour of the show and had to queue up for another two hours before they could leave, she added.

Ms Close told the BBC: "We had missed much of the concert and had to deal with tired, agitated children who felt the whole day had been ruined.

"The transport infrastructure was a shambles, the organisation a disgrace."

Sound Festivals UK, the organiser of the show, said on its website: "Where parking facilities are provided on site, it is inevitable, that due to the large number of vehicles, that congestion and delays will occur when entering and leaving."

On their official Twitter account, JLS said: "To everyone who had trouble getting out of the Winchester gig we want to thank you again for supporting through the rain.we love you..Marv x."

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