Jilted women 'will target vehicles'

New research shows that many women would target the vehicle of their unfaithful boyfriend or husband with a view to taking revenge.

The survey carried out by car-windscreen firm Autoglass showed that 13% of women would damage the tyres of their partner's car to vent their fury if they realised they had been cheated.

While 26% of jilted women are prepared to sell their partner's vehicle on eBay at a cheap price, 9% said they would smash the windscreen.

A quarter of the respondents said they would damage the paintwork of their partner's prized possession, while 10% said they would smash up the vehicle.

Autoglass boss Matthew Mycock said: "Vehicle vengeance is a very real threat, with women saying they are determined to target what is most precious to their partner to get their own back if he cheats. Men who are tempted to stray should think twice - especially if they love their cars."

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