Jet power takes on city's potholes

Liverpool City Council has invested half a million pounds in "jet power technology" to speed up the time it takes to smooth over the city's pot-holes.

The icy weather conditions have made the city's pock-marked streets even more of a chore for drivers of late as the 'freeze-thaw' effect experienced when temperatures rise leaves behind a cratered road surface that costs thousands of pounds a year to fill.

The new 'Jetpatcher' technique will allow roadworkers to clean, fill and cover the pothole in one smooth operation, reducing the need for costly and disruptive road management.

Councillor Warren Bradley, leader of Liverpool City Council, said: "We already have a system where roads are regularly inspected but we are now trying to get the holes fixed within a day to cut down on any disruption to motorists. The Jetpatcher will help us tackle this huge increase in potholes much more quickly and effectively."

Enterprise-Liverpool, the council's partners, have introduced extra inspection teams and aims to repair most potholes within 24 hours of an inspection.

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