Jess the dog shows taste for tyres

Jess the dog shows taste for tyres

Jess the border collie proved to be the unexpected culprit in a mysterious case of vandalised cars in Cumbria.

It transpired that the dog left slow punctures and flat tyres in several cars in the village of Brampton, by biting into them on her daily walks over a six-month period.

For a while residents in Brampton thought their cars were being targeted by vandals. Although Jess had been spotted approaching the vehicles, it was thought she was just sniffing around.

That was until CCTV footage showed otherwise and Jess was caught on camera.

The owner has now been contacted and was surprised and apologetic, according to Pc Simon Amos of Cumbria Police.

"He will be now keeping Jess on a lead," said Pc Amos who spoke to reassure residents or visitors that the damage will now stop.

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