Japanese cars 'are most reliable'

Cars made by Japanese firms have emerged as the most dependable, with Honda topping the rankings as the most trustworthy carmaker for the fifth time.

According to an annual study from What Car? Magazine, Japanese cars outperformed British models in terms of reliability.

Japanese manufacturers dominated the most-reliable top 10 - with Subaru, Mitsubishi and Lexus taking the second, third and fourth positions respectively.

Land Rover emerged as the least dependable car maker, while Vauxhall managed to take the 27th spot and MG the 28th on the reliability league table.

Skoda and Mini are the only two non-Far East companies that reached the top 10 - at the eighth and 10th spots respectively.

The study added that Japanese cars also included faults, with Hondas found to have the highest percentage of air conditioning problems as well as transmission issues.

Subarus have the highest failure rate for axle and suspension problems. Also compared to other models, they have been found to produce more brake issues than any other car.

The most expensive make of car to repair was Porsche, at an average cost of £717.36, while, despite an excellent reliability record, Mazda had the second-highest average garage bill, at £481.26. The car with the lowest average repair costs was Renault, at £226.54.

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