James May caught using phone on M6

James May caught using phone on M6

James May has been photographed using his mobile phone behind the wheel, it is being reported.

The Top Gear presenter was captured by a vigilant onlooker while driving down the M6 in his £80,000 Porsche 911 on April 26.

Authorities have so far declined to comment on the picture, according to the Daily Mail, which clearly shows the 51-year-old with his right on the steering wheel and his left holding his phone to his ear.

May's actions could soon land him in a spot of bother.

Using a hand-held phone while driving or riding carries a fixed penalty of three points and a fine of £100.

Cases can also go to court, leading to disqualifications and maximum fines of £1,000.

This, in turn, can have a detrimental impact on car insurance premiums in the future.

If May, nicknamed Captain Slow on Top Gear, lost his licence it would leave his role on the show in jeopardy.

Meanwhile the show's host Jeremy Clarkson is also facing strong criticism this week despite denying claims he used racist language while filming an episode of the hit motoring show.

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