James Bond mode on new Tesla

James Bond mode on new Tesla

James Bond fans with a love of Tesla's Model S can now enjoy an 007 experience.

Owners will have noticed a special "Easter Egg" mode secreted away - which actually allows them to discover options almost tailor-made for the famous secret agent.

A special log-in menu appears when drivers press down the letter "T" atop the model's big touchscreen. Entering the code "007" allows the motorist to view an additional menu.

The toolbar usually enables its owner to adjust the Model S's ride height. But models, it now emerges, also allow the Model S picture to be superseded by one of the Lotus Esprit S1's submarine-style car. This is the submersible vehicle which "starred" in the 1977 Bond movie The Spy That Loved Me.

Another practical joke from Elon Musk, Tesla's owner, is enabling drivers to make ride height adjustments to measurements in leagues rather than conventional ones.

This is a reference to 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, the famous Jules Verne science-fiction novel.

Perhaps it is unsurprising that Musk has planted these pranks. He is a huge 007 Lotus Esprit fan.

Two years ago he paid more than £500,000 to secure the actual James Bond version in the hope of fully restoring it with a Tesla engine.

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