Jail for Chris Huhne and ex-wife

Jail for Chris Huhne and ex-wife

Disgraced Cabinet minister Chris Huhne and his ex-wife Vicky Pryce have both been jailed for eight months.

The sentences for perverting the course of justice were passed down at Southwark Crown Court, with the start of their jail terms coming exactly a decade since the speeding offence that led to their downfall.

Pryce, 60, took speeding points for Huhne, 58, back in 2003 so that he wouldn't face a driving ban.

Mr Justice Sweeney said Huhne had fallen from a "great height" and Pryce from a "considerable height".

Huhne, who once had ambitions for the Lib Dem leadership, pleaded guilty on the first day of his trial last month after denying the offence for nearly two years, while Pryce was convicted after a retrial last week.

The former energy secretary has become the first former Cabinet minister since Jonathan Aitken to be jailed.

Due to the speeding offence, the cost of any future car insurance policies that he acquires will be a lot higher.

In addition, Huhne is also facing a hefty legal bill as the Crown Prosecution Service is pursuing £79,015 for the cost of his prosecution, plus an extra £31,000 incurred by his efforts to get the case thrown out.

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