Jaguar Land Rover talks break down

Up to 8,000 jobs at Jaguar Land Rover are no longer secure for the next five years after talks with union bosses broke down, it has been revealed.

The company had held informal talks with Unite after publishing its strategic review in September, but only formally met to discuss proposed changed to pensions and pay last week.

However, Jaguar Land Rover's previous offer to guarantee the positions of 8,000 full time staff until 2015 in exchange for lower salaries and pensions for new employees has not gone ahead.

It is expected that union leaders and company bosses will meet again and industrial action is not likely in the near future.

A Jaguar Land Rover spokesman said: "Basically there were a set of proposals that were on the table that the union felt weren't acceptable and this part of the talks came to an end.

"We were in discussions informally with the unions between September and Christmas and we had a more formal sit down this week with the intention of coming to an agreement.

"It went on for several days. It wasn't a half-hearted meeting but at the end of it an agreement wasn't reached."

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