Jaguar Land Rover sees profits rise

Midlands-based carmaker Jaguar Land Rover posted a 9% year-on-year rise in its pre-tax profits to £287 million for the quarter ended September 30.

The manufacturer generated revenue of £2.9 billion during the period, as strong demand in China helped boost sales.

Strong demand for Range Rovers and a Jaguar XJ model powered by a three litre engine led to an 87% rise in retail sales in China.

There was a 6% rise in sales in Russia, while in the UK the figure was 1% higher.

Jaguar Land Rover's pre-tax profits stood at £1.1 billion in the 12 months ended March 31, compared with £14.6 million in the previous year.

The carmaker, owned by Indian firm Tata Motors, posted a 51% year-on-year rise in its revenues to £9.9 billion.

The latest figures indicated a recovery made by the firm, which had incurred losses two years ago due to the economic crisis.

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