Jaguar E-Type is best of British

Jaguar E-Type is best of British

For sheer motoring pleasure you can't top driving a Jaguar E-Type through Scotland while listening to Freddie Mercury - in the opinion of British car fans.

A poll conducted by BBC Top Gear Magazine found its readers listed the Jag 60s classic, the roads north of the border and classic rock band Queen as the greatest British car, place to drive and the music to listen to while motoring.

The E-Type overtook two Aston Martins, the V12 Vantage and the DB5, to win the best car accolade, while ajourney through Scotland beat driving on the roads of Yorkshire and Humberside and Wales.

Queen pipped the Beatles in the best motoring music category. Another car beat the E-Type in a separate vote of the best British icons. The Mini was fifth in the list, with non-motoring items synonymous with the UK like London buses, the House of Parliament and fish and chips falling behind the traditional red telephone box, so rarely seen these days.

The editor-in-chief of the magazine, Charlie Turner, said the E-Type is still special in a nation renowned for producing iconic cars.

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