Jaguar creates the perfect Mk2

Jaguar creates the perfect Mk2

Most drivers can only dream of designing their perfect car; selecting the base model, adding the all-important engine before tweaking the bodywork and interior for the desired finish.

Jaguar Director of Design Ian Callum has had the opportunity to do just that as part of an 18-month project, resulting in the Callum Mk2.

Mr Callum said: "The stance of the Mark 2 is already excellent, but I wished to make it even better.

"It is a fine balance of extracting and adding."

Because of his appreciation of the Mk2 , Mr Callum retained its original lines, smoothing the body and lowering the form of the car by 30mm to give it a sleeker, more aerodynamic look.

The addition of louvre vents and 17-inch split rim spoke wheels add a touch of classic racing style to the one-off car while also improving performance.

Meanwhile, under the bonnet, the original engine has been retained but up-rated to 4.2 litre to deliver more power.

Modified suspension gives better handling, allowing the power to be put down on the road more effectively while improving ride comfort.

The combination of classic style with modern technology continues inside the car, with red leather upholstery and a completely modern stereo system featuring a flip out touchscreen.

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