Italians 'worst drivers in Europe'

Italian motorists have been voted the worst drivers in Europe.

A survey of 2,000 British adults, commissioned by comparison site, found that a third (34%) consider Italians to be the worst Europeans when behind the wheel.

Findings revealed that the French emerged as the next worst drivers with 20% of votes, Spanish motorists took third position with 8% of votes, while 5% said they think Britons are the most reckless drivers, putting Britain in fourth place.

The survey also found that nearly half (49%) of those polled disliked driving abroad, with almost two-thirds (62%) of women admitting they feel scared or uncomfortable driving when overseas.

The report suggests that Italians, who undergo much stricter motor training than the rest of the Europe, are more likely to drive with greater confidence - a factor that could be contributing to the reluctance of Britons to drive abroad.

Anel Bruns of has advised drivers to "research specific traffic rules and local driving etiquette to help boost your confidence and avoid unpleasant surprises" when driving abroad.

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