Italian Job tops driving movie poll

Film lovers have revealed their favourite movies that involve memorable scenes with motorised vehicles - and it makes for some interesting reading.

People voted classic The Italian Job, featuring Sir Michael Caine, as the film containing the best driving sequences.

Following closely behind the bumper of the Peter Collinson directed movie was another British caper, Summer Holiday, starring Sir Cliff Richard.

This won inclusion into the top 10 as people said they enjoyed its double-decker bus scenes. Other films to make it into the top 10 were Gone In 60 Seconds, The Bourne Identity, Bullitt, and The French Connection.

The survey, conducted by CSMA Club, polled 2,012 people in Britain.

It also showed that people most admired the Aston Martin DBS that appeared in James Bond film Goldfinger, the DeLorean time-travelling machine from the Back to the Future films and Herbie from the movie The Love Bug.

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