It just ran away with me, officer..

A runaway mobility scooter has careered for five miles down a busy road with its elderly woman owner clinging on for dear life.

It was finally stopped on A3075 at Pendown Cross in Cornwall by a policeman running alongside and switching it off.

And while the un-named woman went home in a police car, a hapless community support officer was tasked with driving the scooter back to Perranporth.

Said PCSO Michael Ginnelly: "I would like to thank all the various cars and van drivers who tooted their horns, waved and laughed at me while en route."

The drama started when the scooter suddenly accelerated while the woman`s husband accompanied her - at a leisurely walking speed - to the local shops.

It suddenly took off and raced out of sight, leaving the stunned husband no choice but to call for help. And after an all-points alert, the scooter was spotted and intercepted.

But not before a flood of 999 calls from members of the public fearful for the elderly woman's safety.

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