ISZ tech sounds like great idea

ISZ tech sounds like great idea

Audio experts say they have developed a new system that separates the sounds passengers want or need to hear when travelling in cars.

With the Individual Sound Zone (ISZ) system, various audio feeds can be used within the car but as many as four occupants are each able to hear more of what they want above other sounds - depending on their location in the vehicle.

Audio equipment manufacturer Harman says an abundance of music; sounds from portable games consoles or handheld devices; sat-nav voices or mobile phone calls have changed the way people drive and the experience of passengers.

People want to hear different things in cars but together the sounds can get confused. Often the only way to make sense of it is to stop one to hear another, such as an interruption in a song to take a hands-free call or hear a navigation direction, Harman says.

It claims ISZ systems allow people to hear more of what they want or need to hear over and above the sonic clutter, without so many interruptions.

ISZ does not stop people hearing the other sounds but they are more controlled for a better in-car auditory experience and the technology can be customised to suit different vehicles, such as MPVs.

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