Irish moves to ban smoking in cars

A relaunched bid in Ireland to ban smoking in cars carrying under-16s is supported by 80% of adults, campaigners claimed.

Campaign group Ash Ireland said passive smoking can be up to 23 times more toxic in a vehicle than in a house due to the confined space. It said the voluntary code is not enough and urged a change in the law to save children from the risks of smoke in cars.

Campaigner Dr Angie Brown said 14% of Irish children are exposed to the Group 1 cancer-causing carcinogen - passive smoke.

The Department of Health said it will keep the issue under review but does not currently plan a ban on smoking in cars carrying children.

A spokeswoman said cigarette smoke exposure is particularly dangerous in enclosed spaces such as cars but added parents and others responsible for children's welfare had a particular responsibility to ensure such exposure does not take place.

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