'IPSGA' - the key to a smooth ride?

'IPSGA' - the key to a smooth ride?

The UK's number one advanced driver has offered motorists some tips for driving as safety and smoothly as possible.

Chief examiner of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), Peter Rodger outlined the tips behind the advanced driving technique "IPSGA", which stands for information, position, speed, gears and acceleration.

"I" is for information. Think about what is going on around you and check your mirrors to predict the movements of other road users, as well as the road ahead.

Secondly, "P" stands for position. After confirming it's safe, move your vehicle to make sure you have the best view for dealing with your manoeuvre.

Also remember "S" for speed. Adjust your speed to get you ready for what you are about to do, before reaching the hazard. By driving safely, you can cut your chances of having an accident and also of having to claim on yourcar insurance .

Then there is "G" for gears. Once at the correct speed, choose the right gear. Adjust your speed early so you have time to change gear separately.

Finally, accelerate. When you see the road ahead and if it is safe, increase your speed slowly while keeping in mind the road conditions.

Mr Rodger said: "Preparation is key with most things in life, and driving safely is no exception. You'll make better progress through if you use this sequence, and can enjoy the feeling of driving smoothly away afterwards."

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