iPhone at heart of CarPlay system

iPhone at heart of CarPlay system

Apple's Siri voice-recognition feature has been placed at the centre of the company's new CarPlay system.

The US giant is taking a new tack in trying to get its iOS into cars.

An easily accessed button can be used to launch Siri and make calls as well as use maps, turn on music and access messages hands-free.

Directions and other menus can be shown through a build-in dashboard screen thanks to CarPlay, which will become an option in new Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo vehicles from this week.

Future use of the system will be made by BMW, Ford and Jaguar, it will be revealed at the Geneva International Motor Show.

The iPhone is set up as the brains of the system which connects with speakers, microphones and a screen.

However, Google is said to be handling things differently with its Android system, installing electronics in the car to run the system natively. Google supplies maps technology to car makers.

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