Investigation exposes clocking scam

A fraudster's clocking scam has been exposed after he was found to have knocked about 80,000 miles off a car before selling it on.

Ashley Singh, with the help of his brother, sold clocked vehicles from home, doctoring services histories to cover his tracks and using fake identities.

BBC's Watchdog and vehicle history experts HPI sold the car with a mileage of 128,000 miles for £2,300 and later caught the Singhs selling it for £6,000 with a significantly lower mileage of 47,000 miles.

HPI consumer services manager Nicola Johnson said: "The Watchdog programme showed that clocking remains a very real threat to used car buyers. Unscrupulous sellers like Ashley Singh see the clocking of a vehicle as an easy way to raise its price and make some extra cash by putting thousands of pounds onto the price tag. And it's not just prestige cars that are the target for clockers, so all used car buyers need to be on the look out.

"The most worrying thing is that clocked vehicles may be dangerous. Vehicles with incorrect mileages may have more wear and tear than the buyer realises and may have missed important services and part replacement dates. HPI urges consumers protect themselves from the threat of clockers and the risk of paying over the odds for what may be a dangerous vehicle."

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