Innovative stone finishes developed

Innovative stone finishes developed

Bentley drivers after something a little extra special can choose from a pair of innovative stone finishes.

The Crewe-based luxury car manufacturer is offering the new options on its F lying Spur and Continental models.

The 0.1mm-thick stone slices are made from Indian stone and have been coated with a special resin and glass fibre.

Bentley says these new customisations will be the first of many. The stone finish can already be fixed on to four different colour interiors.

Geoff Dowding, director of Mulliner, which offers the service, calls the stone finish "unique" and "luxurious", adding that further innovations are to follow.

He says Bentley is already synonymous with hand-crafted leather and wood and is now looking to give customers additional choice.

Mr Dowding says Bentley is investigating rare and fine materials not normally associated with traditional vehicles.

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