Injured Webber ready for F1 season

The 32-year-old and his new team-mate Sebastian Vettel are looking forward to being in control of Red Bull Racing's new challenger, the RB5.

Although he broke his leg while cycling as part of a charity bike ride in Tasmania, the Australian will be in the cockpit this week and insists he will be fully fit for March 29 when the season gets under way.

He has recently had two titanium pins removed and is having cryogenic therapy to help his injury heal.

Webber said: "It's a given I'll be racing in Melbourne. I've raced with fractures before that some people didn't even know about. As for this one, it's still healing."

This season's car, designed by Adrian Newey, is in keeping with the new aerodynamic regulations. The RB5 sports a high, narrow rear wing, but unlike other models revealed, houses a narrower, higher front wing.

With the re-introduction into F1 of slick tyres and the much talked-about kinetic energy recovery system also on the agenda, Webber admits to being more confident ahead of this season than any other.

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