Infiniti FX Vettel Edition launches

Infiniti FX Vettel Edition launches

Formula 1 star Sebastian Vettel is now the proud owner of the car he helped to design.

The German three-times world champion has been given the keys to an Infiniti FX Vettel Edition, of which just 150 will be made.

Vettel had input into the car's handling characteristics and took part in test drives and engineering briefings at various stages of its development.

He also drove the car up the famous Goodwood hill climb at the 2012 Festival of Speed, before going on to be appointed in April 2013 as the brand's director of performance and having a say on the steering and braking performance of the all-new Infiniti Q50 premium sports saloon.

The car is being sold across Western Europe, the Middle East and Russia, with prospective owners presumably seeking out a specialist car insurance quote and making other final preparations before taking delivery of the high-end vehicle.

Sebastian Vettel said of his new prized possession: "It has great performance, responsive handling and fits my daily life perfectly. The FX Vettel Edition is great fun to drive and I like that it is totally unique - I am sure many other Infiniti owners will feel the same way."

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