Infiniti EX gets Blind Spot system

Owners of

The security system for 2011 comes with audible and visible signs to draw the attention of the driver to any other cars falling in the blind spot.

The company expects that with this added security feature, the EX GT Premium diesel and petrol models will be more secure.

The Blind Spot Warning is another feather in the cap forInfiniti, with the system joining Intelligent Cruise Control, Intelligent Brake Assist, Forward Collision Warning and Lane Departure Prevention to enhance the Dynamic Safety Shield's capabilities further.

Furthermore, the company's security features, such as Lane Departure Prevention, will be available on default on the GT Premium's V6 petrol and V6 diesel models for the first time.

With the Blind Spot Warning, drivers are alerted to any danger on the road by preparing them to see what is ahead. If a car enters the 'blind spot' then the EX's light at the bottom of the door mirrors start flickering.

If the indicator is activated, meaning that the driver wants to change lanes, a warning sound is issued so there is an alert of the possibility of risk.

This has also meant that EX's prices have been revised with the addition of the features. The vehicle will feature costs ranging from £36,741 to £42,853 after the VAT at 20% is considered following January 4.

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