Infiniti announces new hybrid car

Luxury car manufacturer Infiniti has released details about the new hybrid variant of its M saloon, promising power and efficiency.

The M35h GT Premium model is due to be launched in the UK in April, with prices starting at £46,840.

Powered by a 359bhp petrol-electric engine, the four-door car promises 0-62mph acceleration in just 5.5 seconds, and emits 162g/km of carbon dioxide.

The vehicle is equipped with the Japanese firm's new Direct Hybrid system, a drivetrain with one electric motor/two clutch layout. The technology boosts the responsiveness of the car for maximum driver appeal.

It also sports a new hybrid electric power steering and regenerative braking, alongside a hybrid dashboard display showing energy flows.

The M35h boasts a low-speed audible warning system (VSP), designed for the safety of pedestrians and other road users.

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