Incredibly rare Porsche with only 630 miles up for sale

Incredibly rare Porsche with only 630 miles up for sale

Motorists are being given the chance to get their hands on a rare Porsche that has clocked up just 630 miles in the last 22 years.

The 1994 black 964 911 Turbo S 'Flatnose', which is one of just a dozen right-hand drive versions of the car ever built by Porsche, is being sold by London-based Hexagon Classics. 

And the car is so exclusive it does not even come with a publicised price tag. Instead, would-be buyers are being told they will only be given a "price on application". 

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Describing the car as a "true collectors' item", Hexagon chairman Paul Michaels says it is one of the rarest Porsches that they have ever sold. 

The 'Flatnose' models, he adds, were never properly publicised but only offered to a "select few" customers on an "almost under the counter" basis. 

The car features pop-up headlights, silver wheels and a 3.6-litre engine.

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