Increase in laser jamming devices

Motorists have been warned about the consequences of using laser jamming devices, after traffic officers arrested a sixth driver on suspicion of using the gadget to disable speed guns.

A 57-year-old driver of a Mercedes was arrested on suspicion of using a laser jamming device after police could not get a speed reading from the vehicle, which was going towards Great Yarmouth in Norfolk.

The driver was later released on police bail until October 2.

In July this year, a driver was given a six-month conditional discharge and fined £85 after he admitted using a similar device for jamming police speed guns.

The electronic gadget, which costs around £355, detects laser speed guns and temporarily blocks any reading, allowing time for the driver to slow down.

While it is not illegal to own or install such a device, it is an offence when used to jam speed guns.

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