Increase in demand for large 4x4s

Despite a series of petrol price rises, demand for luxury cars and prestige SUVs continued to increase, it has been revealed.

According to Glass's Guide, the prestige 4x4 sector seems to be "thriving".

Since the beginning of 2010, demand for large 4x4s have increased by over 4% - twice that of a large family car.

Glass's managing editor Adrian Rushmore said: "Given the series of fuel price increases, it is perhaps surprising that there has not been any kind of backlash in the premium sectors this time around."

Mr Rushmore also insisted that used-car buyers should give more importance to pump prices, as fuel is the second largest cost of vehicle ownership.

Although buyers are encouraged to choose more fuel-efficient cars, this does not indicate the closing of the large 4x4, luxury, and supercar sectors, he added.

He explained: "These cars are not necessarily the principal method of transport and could represent the second or even third car in the family fleet.

"So the desire for ownership will remain high, and relatively low annual mileage will minimise the impact of high petrol prices."

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