IMI call over motor industry skills

Motoring experts have called for measures to improve training for workers in the automotive industry to keep up with the rapid advances in technology.

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) said relative to the wider economy the sector has worryingly high levels of skills shortage.

It cited figures in the 2010 National Employer Skills Survey for England which showed the skills gap was the widest in skilled trades, adding that it could impact businesses negatively.

Sarah Sillars, IMI's chief executive, said: "The rate of technological change in the automotive industry is currently being driven by competition, consumer demands, and regulation.

"This is creating a constant requirement for businesses to anticipate change and invest in training to help staff keep pace with developments."

The IMI made the observations in its submission to the Skills Commission Inquiry which is reviewing the provisions for technical vocational and professional skills.

It is looking to see if the qualifications, including apprenticeships and higher level education, cmeet the needs of the manufacturing and engineering industries.

As part of its own efforts, the IMI has developed a Consumer Code of Practice and skills accreditation for technicians in partnership with the industry, covering a range of activities.

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