'Illegal' speed-camera appeal fails

An attempt to have speed cameras declared illegal has been thrown out by the Court of Appeal in Edinburgh.

Had it succeeded it might have meant that £600 million in fines imposed over the past 17 years would have had to be paid back.

But judges rejected the claim by 61-year-old Robbie the Pict, saying that such "misuse" of the legal process by a "well-known litigant" was not acceptable.

They said that "ill-founded technical arguments" put forward by Robbie - formerly Brian Robertson, an Isle of Skye community lawyer who changed his name by deed poll in 1984 - meant that the appeal must fail.

The case hinged on an incident in which the campaigner was clocked on the A74(M) near Annan in Dumfriesshire by a laser device in a van.

He argued that because speed cameras were never properly approved, they and other speeding devices were illegal according to the letter of the law.

Robbie argued that the law states that each different model of camera must be approved by statutory instrument, and that Scotland has no lawful motorway speed limits.

He has claimed that his was the UK's first authoritative test case challenging the legality of all speed camera evidence.

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