Idle frosty car likely to be stolen

Motorists are being urged to be careful their car does not get stolen as it idles while frost melts from its windows.

So-called frost-jackings occur when the weather has been especially cold and car owners leave their vehicle with the engine running to help de-ice it.

But, according to Tracker, a vehicle recovery company, in any five minutes of the day a car is stolen somewhere in the UK.

It said almost all the cars it recovers (84%) were stolen using the keys to the ignition. So, leaving a car idling on a frosty morning is likely to be an expensive error.

Police can even charge people with an offence if they leave their car running while unattended and it gets stolen, while car insurance firms may not pay out..

Company spokesman Stuart Chapman asks: "Would you leave an open briefcase containing £30,000 cash or more on your driveway or outside the local newsagent on a frosty morning?

"The answer is undoubtedly no. However, unbelievable as it sounds, each morning many motorists leave their car unattended with the engine running, making it easy for thieves to drive off with it, with no extra effort."

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