Iconic film car park demolished

One of the most iconic multi-storey car parks in film is in the process of being demolished.

The car park in Gateshead, which featured in the Michael Cane gangster film Get Carter is being knocked down due to its outdated look.

As one of a handful of the country's Brutalist buildings it had apparently become more of an eyesore than an icon, as a result of its 1960s design.

It was announced the building would be fully torn down to help pave the way for a new Gateshead town centre to be delivered by Tesco's regeneration arm, Spenhill.

Now, in the presence of Owen Luder, the car park's architect and one of the British Brutalist movement's leading exponents, work has begun to demolish the car park.

Mr Luder was making a final visit to the structure's extraordinary rooftop box, built 124ft up as a nightclub with stunning views across Tyneside, but never used.

He said it was a sad day and that Gateshead was losing its "front teeth".

Mr Luder added he thought the car park should be kept and the shops below it revamped.

"It was allowed to deteriorate, it obviously looks an eyesore. In fact it could be renovated," he said.

Mr Luder, whose other Gateshead Brutalist building, the Dunston "rocket" tower block, is also facing demolition, rejects Gateshead Council's assertion that the car park's declining structural condition makes repair unrealistic.

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