Ice warning after 'thundersnow'

Ice warning after 'thundersnow'

Motorists are reminded to take care on the roads this weekend as the remnants of Thursday's 'thundersnow' turn to ice.

Much of northern Britain experienced significant snowstorms on Thursday, with as much as 9in of the white stuff accumulating in some areas, causing airport and road problems, with 300 schools closing.

Weather forecasters are warning that the main problem on Friday and into Saturday will be icy roads, as freezing temperatures act on leftover snow. There could also be further sleet and snowstorms in certain parts.

They will come from the north west, while even London and the south east could have less intense wintry showers, Met Office forecaster Helen Roberts says.

She adds that ice is likely to cause transport problems in many areas and the strong wind will make conditions feel even chillier.

The Highways Agency says it will be sending out its gritters to salt the icy roads.

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