Ice awaits post Christmas motorists

Ice awaits post Christmas motorists

Drivers are battling icy conditions as they return to the workplace following Christmas.

The freeze left many motorists calling upon their breakdown cover as temperatures plunged to their lowest this winter, leaving several batteries flat.

County Down's Katesbridge experienced the coldest weather as temperatures dropped to a bitter -8.7C (16.3F).

Weather forecasters warned drivers to brace themselves for another cold night, with Wales and England expected to get the worst of the chill.

RAC spokesperson Pete Williams said: "Temperatures look set to recover a little as we get to the end of 2014, but before then there are some icy conditions on the roads, so motorists should take extra care. One tip is to try and avoid sharp braking on wet and icy roads - in a car with a manual gearbox, speed can be reduced by changing down through the gears."

East Midlands drivers have been issued a fresh weather warning with slippery surfaces likely following a mix of showers and freezing temperatures.

Showers helped to disperse a lot of snow on Sunday (December 28), but motorists still had to contend with ice and frost.

One of the few areas to enjoy above-zero temperatures was the Isle of Wight at 1C (33F).

Charles Powell, a forecaster from the Met Office, said that motorists can expect milder conditions as the week progresses with the New Year bringing in wind and rain.

Sheffield drivers bore the brunt of the weekend's freezing conditions with several having to leave their stranded vehicles after being snowed in.

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