IBM designs sat nav radio link

IBM designs sat nav radio link

A new software application that merges car radios with sat-nav systems has been designed by computer giant IBM.

The software, which has been filed in a US patent application, is aimed at reducing the chances of drivers becoming distracted by retuning radios while on the move.

Since the introduction of car radios in the 1920s they have been blamed for many accidents. Although preset buttons helped ease the problem, IBM thinks more can be done.

The new software allows the radio to communicate with the sat-nav system. When the user enters the destination, the sat-nav will work out the route as usual, as well as work out radio station searches along the way.

If the driver wants to listen to a particular genre of music, the software can work out which stations to automatically switch to when the signal begins to deteriorate.

The patent application claims: "This reduces the need to search for particular types of broadcast and may improve traffic safety."