IAM warns over foggy car trips

IAM warns over foggy car trips

Motorists are being urged to never underestimate the effects of fog, which can limit what they see and how easily they are seen by other road users.

Road safety charity IAM said adjusting to the weather conditions is vital, particularly during winter, and offered advice on how to stay safe on those foggy days.

The charity's chief examiner, Peter Rodger, said allowing extra time for any trip made during foggy weather is essential - motorists will still be able to get to their destination on time without taking the risk of driving faster than is safe for the conditions.

Before setting off, drivers are urged to clean their windows and windscreen and ensure all of the vehicle's lights are working.

Switching on the air conditioning system will also help as it will keep the inside of the glass clear.

Once the journey has started, fog lights will be needed if visibility is less than 100 metres.

Motorists should also reduce their speed and make sure they leave a large enough gap to the car in front in order to be able to stop safely should an incident arise further ahead.

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