IAM expert offers efficiency tips

Drivers wanting to save money and stay green while motoring this year are getting access to top tips from a training expert.

IAM Drive & Survive is offering road users weekly motoring tips on a range of topics from its head of training Simon Elstow.

This week, drivers can get advice on saving fuel and money and could slash their costs at the pumps by around 15% by being more environmentally friendly.

Elstow advises drivers to be more fuel efficient by keeping their car moving for as long as possible and sticking to the speed limit.

He also suggests that reversing into parking bays could help warm up the engine faster and checking the vehicle and its tyres regularly is essential.

The expert adds a number of useful tips which could help to keep the vehicle roadworthy alongside essential MOTs and car insurance.

Elstow said: "We've all got better things to spend our money on than petrol. This will help you save cash and reduce your carbon emissions."

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