IAM advises on driving in the wind

IAM advises on driving in the wind

Britain's leading advanced driver has offered motorists a plan to keep safe in the current gales.

This follows hurricane-force winds bringing gusts of over 100mph to west Wales and north-West England on Wednesday.

Severe weather warnings of further storms and floods have been issued for the days ahead.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists' Peter Rodger is offering the following advice that could prevent drivers getting in to bother:

- He recommends that motorists grip their steering wheel tightly.

- They shouldplan a route with least exposure to the elements and less danger from fallen trees.

- Drivers should also be aware that high winds are gusty and inconsistent.

- Rodger warns that overtaking high-sided vehicles can bring a sudden gust from the side as motorists clear.

- They should give cyclists, motorcyclists, lorries and buses more room than normal.

- Motorists are advised to study roadside trees and bushes to gauge the wind's strength.

- They should travel slowly enough to deal with gusts.

- Driving slowly should also give motorists enough time to deal with any hidden fallen trees around bends.

- Motorists are advised to watch what's happening to other vehicles.

- Lastly, drivers are asked to be wary of debris.

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