I-Spy still king on car journeys

A survey has shown that many people are shunning technology and playing traditional games while passengers in a car.

I-Spy and the Number Plate Game were among those played by slightly more than 40% of British families to stave off boredom on long car journeys.

The study found that although electronic puzzle game Angry Birds has taken the world by storm, it is only played by around 11% of car passengers.

And while the kids are in the back playing I-Spy, it is traffic jams and the cost of petrol that get up the driver's nose the most - with 55% and 14% respectively.

Rising prices at the pumps are a particular bugbear for many drivers, with the extra cost adding onto car insurance and road tax payments.

Meanwhile, people wanting to share their experiences of family car journeys with others can log on to the new RAC website www.whatsmyjourney.co.uk.

Nick Giles, head of marketing for RAC, said: "We have a vested interest in all parts of people's journeys and feel it's great to see that traditional car games such as I-Spy and the Number Plate Game still have their place in our family journeys.

"Parents appear to be prioritising family interaction over long journeys.

"However we feel the rise of portable electronic entertainment as more and more inevitable.

"Over the past year we've seen a massive rise in the number cars fitted with portable TVs and the numbers of app and game-enabled devices being taken on trips."

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