Hyundai unveils cleanest model

Hyundai has added the lowest carbon-emitting car to its portfolio.

The i20 Blue has a CO2 output of just 98g/km, being the lowest of any other vehicle in its range.

The i20, with its 1.4-litre diesel engine, can enter the London congestion charging zone freely, and is also eligible for total exemption from road tax for some time to come.

In Hyundai's product range the i20 is a new variant altogether, taking the 89bhp, 111g/km 1.4 CDTi engine from the diesel i20 Style and combining it with the Comfort trim level, available usually with a 74bhp version of the same 1.4 diesel.

The Blue Drive technology is instrumental in the installation of a range of specifications that help reduce the CO2 emissions by 12% in the i20.

The car features a stop/start system to save fuel in traffic, low rolling resistance tyres and a whole range of aerodynamic innovations.

With a full tank fuel, the i20 can travel more than 750 miles at the combined fuel economy of 76.4mpg, according to the company.

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