Hyundai offers new ix35 scheme

Korean auto manufacturer Hyundai is offering an interim scheme to 200 of its longest waiting customers in line to own the ix35 compact crossover, which is currently suffering supply problems.

The motor company has announced that the deal will see the customers being given a new ix35 1.7-litre diesel manual model until their 2.0-litre diesel variant, whose supply is under pressure after increased demand, is ready.

Under the new scheme, the selected customers can purchase a 1.7-litre diesel ix35 from their dealership before the end of March, and part exchange it against their new 2.0-litre car when it is ready.

The customers will be required to pay only the difference between what they paid for the 1.7-litre and the previously agreed upon price of the new 2.0-litre car.

Tony Whitehorn, managing director, Hyundai UK, said: "The demand for ix35 and long waiting list demonstrates the popularity of the vehicle, but we are very aware of the inconvenience that these delays are causing to our customers.

"We are doing all we can to improve the situation and constantly looking at ways to alleviate the wait."

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