Hydrogen buses ready for the road

Buses which run on hydrogen will begin operating in London later this month, it has been announced.

Eight buses will join those on the RV1 route which runs from the Tower of London to Covent Garden.

The vehicles, which emit only water, use the most up-to-date hydrogen fuel cell technology.

They will use a specially designed maintenance facility in Stratford, east London, which has a hydrogen refuelling station.

It is hoped that over the next two years there will be six refuelling sites so that as many as 150 hydrogen-powered vehicles, including 15 taxis, can operate in the capital.

London mayor Boris Johnson said: "These buses are a marvel of hydrogen technology, emitting only water rather than belching out harmful pollutants. They will run through the most polluted part of the city, through two air pollution hotspots, helping to improve London's air quality.

"This is just another way that our city is harnessing pioneering low-emission public transport to improve quality of life, whether the (hop-on, hop-off) New Bus for London electric vehicles or my public bike hire scheme."

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