Hybrids 'cheaper than petrol cars'

Being green in their choice of cars can save motorists a lot of money, according to research.

TheGreenCarWebsite.co.uk has examined the fuelling costs of a number of hybrid cars in the UK and compared them to an equivalent petrol car.

The study found that buying a new hybrid car instead of a petrol equivalent can help save on average more than £500 pounds a year in refuelling costs.

Although a hybrid car tends to be more expensive than an ordinary petrol model, the difference in miles per gallon capabilities means you could recover the additional outlay within a span of four years.

When buyers add this to the strong residual values for a typical hybrid model, they will find that the initial expense is worth it.

The website's editor Faye Sunderland commented: "While 2011 was widely predicted to be the year of the electric car, in terms of real market presence and accessibility, then 2011 is a breakthrough year for hybrids."

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