Hungry bear takes car for joyride

A bear, possibly lured by a peanut butter sandwich, climbed into an empty car in Colorado, sounded the horn and sent it rolling down the driveway into a thicket.

The stray bear got inside an unlocked 2008 Toyota Corolla as the car's owner, 17-year-old Ben Story, and his family were asleep in their home just south of Denver.

Once inside, the bear is believed to have knocked the gear shift into neutral, sending the car rolling backwards before crashing into the thicket, Mr Story said.

The terrified bear, which remained trapped inside the car, was later freed by police, using a rope to open the door from a distance.

Mr Story said he will need a new car as the interior of his vehicle is ruined.

Tyler Baskfield, a spokesman for theColorado Division of Wildlife, said bears often entered unlocked cars and houses in search of food.

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