Hundreds sign up to Beetle fundraiser

Hundreds sign up to Beetle fundraiser

A Yorkshire couple's classic Volkswagen Beetle is spearheading their campaign to raise money for a hospital which treated their five-year-old child for leukaemia.

Andy Powell and Michelle Emerson hope to raise up to £15,000 through donations in return for allowing contributors to put their signature on the Beetle's bodywork.

The branded signatures are intended to become an indelible feature of the car. The Halifax pair will run the campaign until next August - when they will auction off the Beetle to raise more money for Sheffield's Children's Hospital.

The hospital treated their son William when he was diagnosed with the illness three years ago.

The number of signatures already on the car has already reached hundreds with one signatory being 98 years old. The pair have also run a Christmas tree recycling scheme in return for donation since 2012.

Hospital director David Vernon-Edward described the pair's backing as "brilliant".

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