Hull tops motor theft risk poll

A motor theft poll labels Hull the riskiest city and Swindon the safest.

The report, published by Endsleigh Insurance Services, lists the 10 safest and riskiest UK cities for vehicle theft, based on car insurance claims over the past three years.

It compares the frequency of theft claims between towns and cities and determines the risk, rather than just looking at the number of incidents.

Following Hull as the riskiest town or city is Nottingham, then Manchester. The safest after Swindon are Norwich and Solihull.

Endsleigh spokesperson Rhiannon Harris said: "The Home Office reports that between 2006/07 and 2007/08 there was a 12% drop in vehicle thefts. This is no doubt due to the many excellent police and community-run programmes across the country, as well as greater awareness amongst individual motorists when it comes to taking responsibility for the safety of their vehicle.

"However, our report shows that there are some towns and cities which pose a greater risk for vehicle owners than others. The fact remains that no motorist - wherever they live - can afford to be complacent."

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